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Helping other young people start their lives off right

I’m a high school student from the Chicagoland area with a passion for helping other young people start their lives off right.

Do you want to make life what you want it to be? Of course! Together, as a younger generation, let’s improve our lives by being more productive, making more money, and being happy in our lives. I know it can be tough to get everything you want done…done, but everyone can grow to be financially independent and lead productive lives. It’s important to pay attention to where you spend your time and whether or not you are spending your time purposely (aka not binge watching on Netflix).

I aim to help the younger generation to improve their lives by learning to:


  • Save and invest money
  • Start businesses
  • Make intelligent life decisions
  • Stay out of debt
  • Be financially stable
  • Become more productive
  • Live free from stress

Starting Businesses

Growing up, one of the things I’ve always been obsessed with are businesses, everything from how they start to how they operate day to day. I started my first business at age four. Since founding my first business, I have come up with many more business concepts, starting a handful of new businesses over time. Along with starting businesses, one of my favorite hobbies is learning about failed and struggling businesses to find out why and how they failed or are failing, so I can learn from other business what to do and what not to do. In school, I am involved in several clubs and activities, including orchestra, where I play the cello, and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

Saving and Investing Money

Even at a young age, I would save money given to me for my birthday and holidays. Rather than spending it on candy and trinkets, I saved it. When I did spend my money, I spent it purposely. A specific example is when I saved up my money to buy the original iPod Touch at age five. I have enjoyed following the stock market for many years and am excited to share my experience with others.

Productivity and Time Management

Managing time is something that is integral to almost all aspects of life, yet is a struggle for many people. The key to time management is to pay attention to where and how you spend it. (Are you still watching Netflix?)


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    • Melnai

      I would like to know more personal information. But, I will say, you seem very knowledgeable about the topic, and I do believe you will help people with this blog.

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    Really cool topic, love the way your blog is formatted!

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    format is really nice, your blog seems classy

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