Noble Forks - The Typeface

Noble Forks is the geometric sans-serif typeface I designed specifically for Drops of Ink to be highly readable even at small sizes. Each character was manually designed and created using FontLab. Every combination of characters was manually kerned to ensure accurate and legible text at both small and large sizes.


The Logo & Masthead

This is the new Drops of Ink logo, cover, and masthead that I designed for the magazine this school year. These were designed to give the magazine a fresh, modern, and more professional style.


Currency Redesigns

I believe the U.S. currency should be redesigned to better fit with modern society, make it more appealing for consumers, and make it easier for all people to conveniently use. I decided to redesign the currency and showcase it in Drops of Ink, along with writing a piece about my redesigns. I designed the updated currency with a few key ideas in mind: feature significant people beyond who is currently on currency today, relate both sides of the bill to this person, and make it easier for people to use by creating color-coded bills based on denomination that are also distinguishable to color-blind individuals, and braille stamps for the blind.


Burger Battle

This is a layout I created for a review of different burgers throughout the local area. You can also see my template-specific components with the category heading, page numbers, and body copy.


Gaming Revolution

This is another layout I created this past school year. The story is based around e-sports, so I used colors, fonts, and visuals to make an appealing, easy-to-read layout that matches with the topic.

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This page was designed specifically for the NSPA awards. If you have any questions or comments about my work or would be interested in working with me on any project, let me know!

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